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All Billy Goat Mountain Adventures (BGMA) are personally tailored to suit the needs of the individual or group.  Each adventure is managed by a fully qualified instructor in that specific field.  BGMA is fully covered by comprehensive liability insurance and guarantees the quality of instruction given.

ML Refresher (2 days) 

Open to ML trainees and ML award holders, this intensive weekend course serves both as an update for anyone whose training or assessment course was completed some time ago, and as an opportunity for constructive criticism on areas of personal performance for those considering assessment.  It is intended as an opportunity to look at current ideas, techniques and practices.  It also provides an opportunity to raise questions and hopefully dismiss fears concerning assessment.  Topics covered include micro-navigation, weather forecasting, emergency use of the rope and leadership skills.  However the exact structure remains flexible to best suit the needs of the course members.  We also have the opportunity to address the theory paper so you have an idea of what to expect on the day, and to give guidance on completing your MLTE log book.

For those wishing to add an additional over night expedition please see daily guiding rates.

Essential Kit:

  • Normal walking clothing and equipment
  • Walking boots
  • Full set of waterproofs
  • Compass
  • Map Case

Warm layers should be brought, as the whole course will be outdoors.

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SPA Refresher (1 day)

Rock climbing’s special combination of mental and physical challenges make it a unique experience.  Once you’ve tried it, you’re hooked. The intrinsic rewards that come from combining concentration, agility, balance, strength and judgement are unequalled in any other sport.  Nothing heightens the senses more than the combination of delight and relief that comes from reaching the top of a demanding rock climbing route.

Whether you're unsure if you are ready for assessment and want to try a "mock exam" to highlight any possible shortcomings, or whether you need refreshing on techniques learnt during training, this 1 day course will prove to be very beneficial.

This 1 day course will be tailored to personal requirements but will cover:

  • Personal climbing
  • Group climbing/leadership
  • Environmental awareness
  • Belay systems
  • Rope work

BGMA requests that all candidates bring their own rack and ropes, however BGMA reserves the right to refuse the candidate's use of PPE should we suspect excessive damage.

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Navigation (1 - 2 days)

We have 3 different levels of navigation courses currently running at BGMA.  Courses for those that have never used a map, or perhaps are unsure of basic navigation techniques.  This ‘Basic’ course introduces map and compass skills.

The course lasts for 1 day and covers all aspects of map and compass work.  BGMA combines theory with practical demonstrations, allowing you to test out all of your new found skills.  You can add on an additional days walk to take advantage of your new skills with the confidence of knowing you will be assisted by a qualified guide.

Clients should bring with them their normal walking clothing and equipment.  Walking boots are essential, as is a full set of waterproofs.  Warm layers should be brought, as the whole course will be outdoors.  If the client has a compass and a map case, this should also be brought along.

No prior navigation knowledge is required, but prior walking experience is essential.  Clients should be reasonably fit.

What is covered :

  • The grid system and grid references
  • Symbols for Public Rights of Way
  • Other important information for the hill walker
  • Contour lines
  • Map scales used by hill walkers
  • Work out personal pacing lengths over 100 metres
  • Use of the compass to take bearings from a map
  • Macro, or large area, navigation techniques
  • Pacing distances
  • Estimating times taken using Naithsmiths Rule
  • Walking on general compass bearings and dead reckoning bearings
  • Aiming off
  • Hand-railing features
  • Attack points

Intermediate & Advanced (2 DAYS)

A course for those who already know the basics of using a map and compass, but wish to improve their navigation.

BGMA currently run an intermediate and advanced course for mountain navigation.  The course lasts for 2 days.  Once the basic skills have been reviewed, new more advanced techniques will be introduced.  During the 2 days you will also have the opportunity to try some night or poor visibility navigation.

BGMA ask that all those attending must have prior walking experience and  basic navigation experience.  Clients should be reasonably fit.  We will be adding to the candidates ‘tool box’ of skills to help them get the most out of the mountains.  You can expect to learn new skills including:

  • Contour interpretation
  • Aspect of slope
  • Feature navigation
  • Advanced pacing
  • Micro and Macro
  • Identifying spurs and re-entrants, and other physical features

Night navigation - equip yourself with the skills to cope with this particularly difficult art; the skills you will learn will help you out even in poor weather conditions such as rain, fog, even that unexpected snow storm!

BGMA suggests that all those attending should bring with them their normal walking clothing and equipment.  Walking boots are essential, as is a full set of waterproofs.  Warm layers should be brought, as the whole course will be outdoors.  If the client has a compass and a map case, this should also be brought along.  A torch will be handy for the night navigation.

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UK Guided Walks (1 - 7 days)

For those who know where they want to go but just do not have the confidence to go it alone.  BGMA can supply you with a qualified mountain guide to ensure you get the most out of your day(s) away. 



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Multi-day Expeditions

Ever fancied heading off to the hills for a couple of days but lacked in the necessary experience to enjoy it?  Well why not try one of our specially designed weekend or mid week breaks.  We can take the hassle out of planning an expedition anywhere in the UK.   

Allow our fully qualified instructors to plan your expedition making the necessary arrangements including:

  • Accommodation
  • Route selection
  • Specialist equipment (not personal kit)
  • Full instruction throughout the expedition

Each of our expeditions can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the group.  Having run expeditions throughout the UK we have special knowledge of location choice and venue, so that we can ensure the safest most memorable experience possible.

Previous BGMA expeditions have been all over the UK and used venues in the Lake District, Cairngorm's and the Peak District national parks.  We also have offices based in Ipswich, Suffolk.

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Wilderness and Survival Skills

Very few of us are likely to experience or find ourselves in a real survival situation.  These courses at a basic level will equip the individual with the necessary information to be able to survive or to avoid emergency situations.   At an advanced level this trip into nature will allow you to reach out and touch the natural world in a profoundly deeper and life-changing way that you will probably have never experienced before.   

Bushcraft and wilderness skills are perhaps the most complete of all outdoor skills, covering as it does knowledge from many different sources and bringing it together.

We teach outdoor survival skills during organised wilderness survival weekends throughout the year, preparing you for whichever outdoor holidays you choose to embark upon.

Our experience, expertise and efficient approach have ensured that we have become an established and trusted name in the world of wilderness skills.

Offering a range of courses in locations to suit your needs, we have a bushcraft course to suit everyone and can offer the tailored advice you need to make the most of your trip.

BGMA have been offering wilderness and survival skills for over 10 years and have featured in many editorials and on national television. BGMA most recently worked in partnership with Girlguiding UK at the NEC Birmingham.

BGMA specialise in working with the younger wilderness enthusiast as all of our instructors are CRB checked and have experience in working with young children.

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Pre-MOD / Event Training (1, 2 & 3 weeks)

As experienced instructors, all of the BGMA staff are used to the high physical demands of mountaineering and as such we have devised and use a strict fitness regime to ensure we stay at optimum health to give 100% to each and every adventure.

The course director has studied Sports Science to degree level and has over 10 years experience of working with individuals who wish to improve their physical and mental fitness.

He has worked with some of the most influential people in Britain and improved their fitness along with self confidence and strength of mind.

By request BGMA offer a complete package to ensure that each candidate is ready for any grueling physical tests that the British army and other uniformed agencies have to offer.  We can also train individuals and equip them with the necessary skills needed to complete any multi – terrain race or mountain marathon including successful entrances in:

  • Tough Guy
  • Grim Challenge
  • Karrimor International Mountain Marathon (KIMM)
  • Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon (LAMM)

BGMA have helped to train individuals who have successfully passed:

  • The Parachute regiment ‘P’ Company course
  • The Royal Marine PRC and the 32 week training
  • The Royal Marine POC
  • The Royal Air Force pre fitness test
  • Lancashire Fire and Rescue Fitness test
  • The Army basic training

All of the above physical tests are designed to ‘weed’ out those who do not have what it takes to be the best when under pressure.  Here at BGMA we know what is required and can simulate the situations and pressures you will face during your training.  We will equip you with you very own ‘tool box’ so that you are always one step ahead of the rest.  During your personally tailored regime of 1, 2 or 3 weeks you will cover all necessary skills needed to improve your chances of successfully completing and passing your chosen course/event.

BGMA can arrange basic accommodation for the duration of the course.  Certain restrictions apply.

For further details e-mail your requirements to:

Activities by Request

As a nationally recognised name in outdoor adventures BGMA can arrange almost any outdoor experience.  We have an extensive list of highly qualified instructors who can lead, teach and offer the very best instruction in the following activities:

  • Kayaking
  • Pot holing/caving
  • Paragliding
  • Team building days
  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • European adventures

For further details e-mail your requirements to:

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